Friday, 6 May 2011

... Alright?

During his career, Rich Lawden has been a producer, director, screenwriter, author, correspondent, film critic, video editor, graphic designer, concept artist, DVD cover designer, theatrical poster designer, book layout artist, photographer, web designer, researcher, runner, lighting assistant, focus puller, script supervisor, storyboard artist, prop builder, grip, catering assistant, supporting artist, voice artist, museum guide, college dropout, and occasional all-round good guy.

Now freelance, he continues to serve as producer-director, A/V technician, graphic designer and correspondent for various production companies.

A proficient photo editor/restorer, Rich has considerable years of experience in retouching and colourising both old and new prints, and is well-versed in the fields of contemporary video editing, graphic design, and 2D compositing.

His written articles and photography have been published in such websites and publications as, SFX, Back to Reality and Fangoria. He has also designed, and collaborated on several original artworks, prints and and signage for the official Red Dwarf fan conference. In 2014, he headed a ground-up redesign of the official magazine, Back to Reality. For the show's eleventh series, he collaborated on several featured animation sequences used on set, including the iconic Starbug cockpit.

Having initially trained on VHS-C edit decks and high-end PCs, his unique and versatile style can and has been adapted to suit a number of professional software packages, including among others:

  • Paint Shop Pro (Jasc)
  • Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 11 (Avid Technology)
  • Adobe Premiere (Adobe Systems)
  • Ulead Video Studio (Corel)
  • Scribus (The Scribus Team)
  • Final Cut Pro (Apple)

Released to critical acclaim in 2012, Rich directed and co-produced with Lesley Manning, the retrospective documentary, Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains chronicling the production and release of the BBC's “legendary” 'Hallowe’en Hoax', Ghostwatch. In 2013, the doc was added to the National Archive for posterity, and is currently available to view in BFI Mediatheques, nationwide. In 2016, the film was made available to download on BBC Store.

To mark the 21st Anniversary of the programme's original broadcast, Rich authored a book on the making of Behind the Curtains, and his experiences with Ghostwatch, featuring a Foreword by acclaimed writer and author, Stephen Volk. Later, he designed and edited a full transcript, in response to requests sent in from fans and followers of the project. In 2014, he directed the short follow-up, Behind the Table, shot on location at London Film and Comic Con. 

He has also made special guest appearances at other live events, including Horror in the East, Miniclick Duke of York's, and Sci-Fi Scarborough.

So there.

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